FYI Online’s Core Courses

FYI Online’s core high school courses bring the classroom to the student. Since each lesson is designed as a complete experience, students are invited to take part in their learning. FYI Online’s standards based courses require students to actively engage in the learning process while allowing multiple pathways for diverse learning styles. All of FYI’s courses provide multiple opportunities for learning support, while Teacher Space® functionality allows teachers to individualize learning for every student.


Algebra 1 A/B
Algebra 2 A/B
Geometry A/B
Pre-Calculus A/B

Language Arts

English 1 A/B
English 2 A/B
English 3 A/B
English 4 A/B

Social Studies

American History A/B
American Government

World History A/B


Biology A/B
Chemistry A/B
Physics A/B
Environmental Science A/B

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