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Each FYI Online lesson is designed as a complete, interactive experience between online curriculum and student.

FYI Online curriculum includes over 100 semester-based online high school courses in core, honors, credit recovery, ESOL and diverse elective subject areas as well as over 50 higher education courses. Built to meet and/or exceed state and national standards, FYI Online curriculum is designed for today’s generation of students expecting their coursework to provide rigor, depth, social connection, and relevance to the 21st century. All courses in the catalogue share a research-based design philosophy meant to stimulate prior knowledge, activate real world experience, engage students through interactivity, blogging, and kinesthetic learning while ensuring the basic skills of critical thinking needed to prosper beyond high school.

Guided by Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, each lesson stimulates recall by providing thought-provoking questions, connections to real-world events, and/or engaging case studies.

As the material is presented, the learning is guided by a reflective method of questioning, note-taking, and web-based research activities.  Students are directed to respond and reflect on ideas and questions in their embedded notes tool, allowing them to remain engaged in course content while saving their notes directly to their desktops.

Content is chunked into smaller pieces and supplemented with exciting video, interactive tutorials, web explorations, and guiding questions.  All supplemental resources and third-party content is introduced and explained as students encounter them.  FYI Online content leads the student in and out of difficult concepts while allowing for independent exploration to further the depth of knowledge.

Millennial students have a need for interactivity and desire participatory roles.

FYI Online courses follow a consistent instructional design framework, creating continuity throughout the lessons.  This is vital for the student who may take multiple courses from the online provider.


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