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Uniquely designed for students seeking remediation in reading, writing and public speaking, FYI Online’s Language Foundation courses provide a literature based program with a focus on building vocabulary, effective reading strategies, structured composition processes and critical analysis skills. Covering topics ranging from musical genres and their influences on society to global warming, literature based Language Foundation courses engage students in timely, relevant real world issues meant to spark a passion for reading, writing and speaking. Each lesson follows FYI Online’s five phase design and includes extensive practice activities, multiple methods of presentation - including video, podcasts and stimulating images - and active learning strategies to foster student engagement. A carefully constructed scope and sequence insures that students have multiple opportunities to internalize each skill; while formative assessments at the conclusion of each lesson allow students to apply these new skills in challenging and creative ways. FYI Online’s Language Foundation courses are the perfect scaffold to high school level courses.

Reading Foundations
Writing Foundations
Oral Communication Foundations

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