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FYI Online has built the next generation of online curriculum that is specifically designed for today's student.

FYI Online’s unique course design is based on research on the millennial learner; their Internet behaviors, interests and habits, and trends related to online education. Data collected by FYI Online through education literature, lessons learned, and focus groups led to a design philosophy that is reflective of millennial online behaviors yet incorporates current online learning pedagogy. The result is a catalog of interactive online courses that provides constant opportunities for learners to engage in critical and abstract thought, creates community through Web 2.0 tools such as page-level blogging, course-wide wikis, and discussion opportunities, and provides teachers with the ability to customize content for their unique student populations.

FYI Online courses are rigorous and engaging and demand that students gain an unprecedented understanding of information and media through real-world exploration and experimentation. Students are presented with numerous opportunities to explore, to think, to interact, and to create.

FYI Online’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS) allows users to create structured learning pathways through customizable lesson sequencing and flexible assignment menus.

A unique FYI Online feature called Teacher Space® provides teachers with the ability to incorporate new content directly into the lesson page, and to add wikis, blogs, video, graphics and activities, thus maximizing opportunities for student-to-teacher interactions and individualized learning.

FYI Online courses will work within any LMS, making them platform agnostic.

Teacher Space® keeps the community engaged on the page.

The FYI Online courses, allow teachers to supplement the course content at the page level with videos, audio clips, instructional explanations, discussion prompts, blogs and wikis, and other electronic content, leveraging the teacher’s expertise and experience, along with their understanding of the students.

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